Welcome to the Northeast Rod Run website. This site was started so it would be easier to bring fellow American Musclecar enthusiasts together, and give them some information on the Northeast Rod Run's yearly road trip.

The idea for the Northeast Rod Run was created in part, because past "Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour" participants were tired of waiting for that annual roadtrip's return to the Northeastern U.S. The thought was that a small yearly road trip, would fill the void left behind until Hot Rod Magazine could make their return out this way. What it ended up becoming instead, was an annual cruise that has surpassed everyone's original expectations and never fails to deliver a great time.

With these trips we will always try to keep five constants.

The first one being that it will always begin over the first weekend of October. This way there will be some great scenery because that is the beginning of foliage season in the Northeast, and also the cars don't have to worry about running in the hot temperatures, as they would if this took place in mid-summer. The second constant is that we will always try to be on scenic and rural highways (mainly traveling on National Scenic Byways when possible), and not just driving down the interstates with the masses, as some other cruises do. Thirdly, we usually try to take in a local attraction each day. The fourth constant is that we will always try to make it a three day trip, with each day trying to be around the 200 mile or five hour range. The fifth and final thing, is that there are no entry fees or formal registrations to deal with.

The original trip was in October of 2008 and it was very well received, as we had a very diverse group of rear-wheel drive American muscle cars. On our maiden voyage we had a great group of people and cars from places like NY, MA, NH, and RI, as we cruised from Mt Wachusett in Princeton, Massachusetts, through New England, up to Bar Harbor, Maine. In the years following, our participant numbers have grown each and every time. The Rod Run has made it up through places like The Green Mountains, Western Massachusetts,  Mt Washington Valley, The Adirondacks, Lake Placid and even to the Canadian border, with more places being added every year.

If this sounds like your type of thing, then check out the website, signup for the forum, and get involved. The ideas for this trip come from the people attending, not some corporate sponsers that choose things based on the best business decisions for them.

Thanks for checking it out, and hope to see you on a future trip, wherever that may be.

TJ Ragucci